10 Ways to Use In Motion For Growth!

1. Put an end to feeling overwhelmed by all the field work. You can sub out some, or all, of your pre or post transactions to us and allow yourself more time to prospect and grow your business.
2. Have no worries during a vacation or family emergency. We’ll provide coverage for your pending deals.
3. Get relief from telling your clients they need to clean up and make improvements before they put their home on the market. Let us, as a third party, break the news and give your sellers detailed instructions on how to turn their mess into a valuable return.
4. Hold an open house when buyers are coming in from out of town. We’ll host the open house and turn over all walk-in traffic and potential buyers directly to you.
5. Have someone to finally produce those back burning projects you’ve been holding onto. We’re ready to come in when you need short-term help without the obligation of a full-time assistant.
6. Resolve conflicts in scheduling. Let us schedule and attend your inspections while you focus on other crucial appointments.
7. Establish your marketing tone. Allow us to create personalized templates for your flyers, postcards, and presentations.
8. Control your workflow instead of juggling. We’ll cover your pending transactions to give you time for your new listings, or manage those new listings so you can direct your attention to your transactions already in progress.
9. Grow brand awareness across several social media platforms by allowing IMFG to publish quality content to attract and engage followers.                                                          10. Increase response rates and produce real-time result reports by utilizing our Support Team to create relevant and targeted e-mail marketing campaigns.

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