The Creation of In Motion for Growth

In Motion for Growth started as an idea. First, personally, as I truly was and continue to be a person who is in motion for growth. Then later, as I worked full-time and went to college full-time at the Virginia Commonwealth University, I stumbled upon a niche business idea.

Allow me to backtrack for just a moment. As a late bloomer to the college scene, I worked full-time, while also going to college full-time, and that created a set of issues I had not anticipated. The a-typical university curriculum schedule was geared towards students who were freely available during the day, Monday through Friday. Which was not my situation. Trying to accomplish the required courses for my major and accommodate a full-time major corporate day job was, well impossible.

And so, I created two lists. One encompassed all the things I enjoyed in my work (past and present), then a second column listed all of my best professional skillsets, a third, my available resources, and finally I drew lines which could connect those things together. Laidout out there on a single piece of paper, like a map, matched my what I love doing with my professional strengths.

The second list was a map of unique business shortcomings I had noticed when working for both small and large corporations. Which was that the person most vested in the success of a business can’t both work in and on their business effectively and efficiently at the same time. These are two very different roles, both require full-time attention, and also are different skillsets.

Take a plumber for example. He or she might be the very best in their trade, however, when it comes to managing the day to day business operational tasks, they consistently fall short. Plumbers sell their time and go from one job to another. So what happens to the calls coming in for new jobs? Who will send out estimates, or check on the availability and cost of parts? Who is going to follow up, manage the scheduling, confirming appointments, billing? Or how about creating and manage business support systems that promote growth and the use the latest technology to streamline their business. What happens when our plumber needs to hire and train staff? How can he when his income depends on his being on the job site? It is great that our plumber is slammed busy this week, but what about next week? While they are out working job after job, who is marketing to fill their pipeline? And don’t even get me started on social media and branding.

While I am sure there are some very technology savvy plumber’s out there who could do all of these things, they can’t sell more than 24 hours of their time in one day. Moreover, while a person can do a lot of things, and they do them ALL well.

Wouldn’t their time be best served by focusing on income producing tasks, in their area of strength, and more importantly, in my opinion, the things they love and most enjoy doing most in their profession. The answer is YES!….for the Plumber, and also for me.

And there you have it, a niche was carved out of a need, and In Motion for Growth was born. We serve to help create solutions for business owner’s, whether that be growth consulting, coaching, training, virtual support, systems development and implementation, marketing, branding and many other services we provide to help our clients achieve their goals.

By the way, one of the things on my list is how I love to take a problem, create a solution, and then break solving the problem down into small, manageable steps. After all, it is true that the path to success begins and succeeds with a strategic plan, and In Motion for Growth can help get you there!


Lee Gosselin
Founder, President & Growth Development Specialist
In Motion for Growth

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