Not every client's business needs are the same; therefore we offer a variety of services and plans that you can customize to meet your exact business needs and budget. We recognize that, in this shifting market, flexibility and affordability are key. Being flexible is also the best way to find out what suits your work style, your preferences, and allows us to shift with you as your business grows.

Please contact us to schedule your free introductory consultation; together we will discuss your business needs and build a customized Virtual Assistant Service Plan tailored specifically for you.

Here's how it works:

Retainer Plans: 

Retainer Plans are great for ongoing support and automatically receive a 10-25% discount depending on the length of your commitment. With the Retainer Plan, project time is specifically dedicated to you each month, as you indicate, and you can use these hours as needed! Securing available hours every month gives you the peace of knowing your business is covered.

As a retainer client, you’ll receive weekly conference calls with updated goals and tasks, worry-free maintenance of items you've delegated and pre-planned time blocks exclusively devoted to you. Services are billed bi-weekly in 15-minute increments. Our Retainer Plans are conveniently offered in 30-day increments, so if your needs change, so can your plan!  Because this time is specifically secured for your projects, a 30-day notice to terminate is required.

Per Project: 

Perhaps you have a one-time special project, just need help every once in awhile or prefer a "know what I'm gonna pay" flat fee. This is the price structure for you. Together we'll define the scope of work and create a detailed job estimate for your approval. We've already priced estimates for certain services and can create and prioritize plans to fit any budget.

By the Hour:

Some projects just require a little time. Or maybe you're a retainer client and have an influx of business. We encourage every client to establish an hourly plan account for those moments when you just need a quick helping hand. Time is billed in 15-minute increments, at a pre-established rate, and with an established time-cap. An upfront deposit is required for the estimated project projection and any balance is due upon completion. This works great when you’re in a hurry, have a work-intensive or on-going project.

Place an Order:

You’ll love our easy to use, online ordering process with the ability to build and customize your package to meet your exact business need and budget. We accept most major credit cards securely online using PayPal. We’ll confirm your order within 24 business hours, and then assign and schedule your project with one of our project managers. Don’t worry, if you have questions or wish to have a custom package created for you, we’re only a call, web conference or email away; click below to place an order and/or to request an estimate for your next project!


Though we're the benefit of having your own direct staff, you'll never have to worry about payroll expenses, tax withholdings, overhead expenses or providing benefits - as sub-contractors our rates include those expenses. There's also no need to train; we have highly qualified and experienced staff available and for hourly rates starting as low as $17 dollars an hour. Most of our packages can be designed on a flat fee schedule and the more you use IMFG, the more you save! Ask about our monthly promotions and sign up for our newsletter for additional savings!!

Time Management:

All of our services and pricing plans are based on the time and skill level required to complete the project. The coordinating hourly rate is assigned accordingly and billed in 15-minute increments. We use precise time-tracking software for every project to ensure that you are only billed for time used on your project.

Task Mangement:

We use advanced Cloud Technology to manage your projects and give you direct access to interact with our staff, assign tasks, make notes and stay up to date on task completion. After all, time is money and there's no room for guesswork. We focus on efficiency so that your dollar spends further.

Terms & Conditions:

The IMFG terms and conditions define the relationship between IMFG and the client and apply to every transaction we have with one another. While we would prefer a good honest handshake, sometimes things just need to be spelled out. You can always find the most up to date version here.

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