Virtual Assistant vs Employee

There comes a time when a business owner will need help managing the tasks associated with running their business. When that time comes there are many decisions to be made which will include answering the questions: what projects or tasks can be delegated and how much of the budget can be allocated for staffing. The answers to these questions will help determine how much help a business can afford and what type of professional they can hire to fulfill their need. Typically the options available are to hire employees, Virtual Assistants, temps, or possibly get an intern. Temps and interns are short-term solutions, while employees and Virtual Assistants are more permanent solutions.

Some things to keep in mind when comparing hiring an employee vs. hiring a Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant Employee
No employee-related taxes, paperwork, insurance, or benefits Payroll taxes, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Benefits
No extra office space or equipment costs Must provide office space & equipment
Paid only for “Time on Task” or by project Paid Salary or Hourly regardless of tasks completed
Ability to stay on schedule May waste time at work
Extra staff during seasonal or peak activity time Must hire & train any additional staff needed
Support on As Needed basis with fast turn around time Limited to trained employees or staff members available
Weekend & Evening assistance available Difficult/Expensive to hire administrative staff for weekend & evening work
Specialized Skills Available Limited to Skill Set of staff or must provide additional training


Additionally, a Virtual Assistant is CONVENIENT! A VA is available as the need arises in your business; their schedules are flexible and you only pay for the time they work on your projects. You can get help when you need it and pay online with your credit card.  A Virtual Assistant can ensure that the entrepreneur or telecommuters who are working in a home office have access to all of the support benefits enjoyed by a business person in the corner office of a major corporation- without having to hire any employees!


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