Working with a VA: Money Saving Strategies You Can Use Today!

The most important rule of thumb in any business is that time is money. Therefore, saving time saves money! Since the ability to create infinite time eludes us, the next best thing is finding ways to be more efficient with the time available.

How we maintain a happy productive partnership:

-Having systems in place & being organized is crucial
-We can help defining & implementing systems if needed

-Start every project with a defined scope of work, clear expectations & timeline
-If it is hard for you to let go- start small- you can always add services later

-Whether by e-mail, text message, web conference, phone or other means
-Use the methods most comfortable for you & your VA
-Stay on top of updates
-Continue to brainstorm new ideas
-Confirm receipt of information

4. MEET:
-Schedule Weekly & Bi-Monthly update meetings
-Keep your VA on track
-Build rapport by sharing up-coming events & challenges
-Your VA wants to support you when things get crazy
-The more lead time we have the better we can help

5. PLAN:
-Create goals & establish deadlines
-Take time to establish new goals for your business
-Set deadlines and share them with your VA
-Incorporate tasks or projects you have been putting off
-Now is the time to move those BIG ROCKS

-Provide constructive feedback
-Acknowledge jobs well done
-Suggest changes or solutions to items that are not working as you would like
-Having everyone on the same page makes the process go more smoothly
-Your VA will learn your preferences & expectations for accountability & progress


-Working with a VA is an investment
-Initially, the relationship may require patience
-Once established the rewards can be immense & long-term
-Let your VA help you & enjoy the results


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